Evidence of local history

The lighthouse,

inaugurated in 1900, marked the completion of the jetty built at the time when Erquy was an important commercial port (transport of agricultural produce and pink sandstone paving stones).

The Guard House

at Trois Pierres was built in 1744. This building was part of a vast defensive system instigated by Louis XVI who formed coast guard companies and stationed batteries and guardhouses along the whole of Brittany's coast.

The Cannonball oven

was completed in 1794: the cannonballs were heated until they were red-hot so they could set enemy ships on fire!

The lifeboat shed

was used between 1935 and 1966. Since 1990, sea rescue has been provided by the speedboat "Plancoët" which is anchored in the port..

The Caroual viaduct

(big arch 45m wide), built between 1914 and 1916, enabled the first train to run from the Côtes d'Armor to Erquy from 1922 to 1948.

The path of quarry-walkers

Enjoy a walk tells the story of former quarries of Erquy

The dolmen

The dolmen of Ville Hamon, consists of a beautiful pink sandstone slab broken today ; close to the road bike.

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