Monuments and History

Erquy has about 3,841 permanent residents. The commune covers 2686 hectares and includes almost 15 km of coastline. Its many hamlets (Caroual, Lanruen, les Hôpitaux, Saint-Pabu, Tu-es-Roc...) contain interesting examples of our heritage which reveal its history (a chapel, a dolmen, manor houses, a lighthouse?).

Erquy is twinned with Oupeye (in Liège Province ~ Belgium).

Regineans have, throughout their history, changed and influenced their countryside and towns. Find out more through this site and then come and explore!
Regineans? Historians have found a mention of a Roman town called Reginea situated on an old map of the area. No one knows for sure, but the people of Erquy call themselves Regineans!