At the core of economic activity

Erquy's fishing port lives in rhythm with the tides. The versatility of the skilled local fishermen, (who run trawlers, spider crab or fish nets, lobster and cuttlefish pots, scallop and clam dredgers) ensures the port is busy all year round.

The inshore fleet is still the largest (73 trawlers) and deep sea fishing is growing, with steadily improving results supporting other local fishing-related industries: auction, wholesalers, processors.
The fish and shellfish landed at Erquy are known for their freshness (caught at night, landed immediately, sold and shipped) and diversity (over 60 species, including: sole, turbot, brill, bass, John Dory, lobster, spider crab, cuttlefish, clams and scallops?).
In 2012, more than 12,000 tonnes of fish and shellfish passed through the auction (including 2,200 tonnes of scallops).

The fish marketunloads the fish, sorts it, weighs it, sells it through its computer auction and ensures invoicing and payment. However, fish is not sold to individual customers.

Visits are possible with the "Syndicat des Caps" : see our animation programme concerning half-term holiday breaks..

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