The tidal phenomenon

The tide comes in and goes out twice a day, about every six hours. The difference in height between high tide and low tide is defined by a coefficient between 20 and 120.

A high coefficient indicates good conditions for shellfish collection.

In 2017 tides will occur on:

  • 13th and 14th January
  • 12th and 13th February
  • 01th and 02th March
  • 27th and 28th April
  • 26th and 27th May
  • 25th and 26th June
  • 24th and 25th July
  • 22th and 23th August
  • 08th and 09th september
  • 20th and 21th september
  • 07th and 08th October
  • 04th and 05th November
  • 04th and 05th December

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